“Here on our farm we have coffee, mangoes, and honey from beekeeping. We are using manure from our dairy cows for biogas- the manure is very good for fertilizer.*

I have seen that over the past few years the women’s group has allowed women to be empowered and have their own activities. Usually in our community, the men will take care of coffee, but now, all of the women are managing coffee. It is good to see the women come up and have their own money.

A big challenge for us here is school fees, which is a constant outflow. Though we have a lot of activities, it is hard to move forward. We are stationary in our progress right now, so we need more resources, training, and support.”- Thomas, Community Member, Koisaget

*while here, Selina showed the members of Tabmoita Women’s Group how the biogas reactor was built and how it works, and Thomas showed us the bees. The women are hoping to invest in their own biogas production possibilities, and are constantly conducting their own informal research to expand their activities

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