“Right now, chicks can go for 300KSH each. I have around 70 chicks today, and a pre-order from a friend for all of these.

Though the market is far from us to be able to sell big birds themselves, I learned that the demand is high for eggs and chicks. We sell these for income, and I can sometimes help my neighbors with eggs as well. The other day, my neighbor was building a poultry house, so I gave her a few eggs to start her poultry operation. Last week, a few youth came to learn about raising poultry. I’m happy to teach people what I’ve learned- to use what they already have- and I’m happy to help them with improved eggs. It’s important that we have a network of producers to meet the market demand, and that people with the passion have the skills to produce. So it’s great when they come.

One thing I realized is how important it is to keep a close eye on the market- I noticed duringmarket survey that the demand for eggs was high, so I bought eggs while in Kericho  . Now, the market comes to us. We do our ownpublicity about the chicks, and can barely meet the demand now. My goal is to purchase an incubator, which will help us meet our targets.”

-Richard Mitei, Lead Farmer for Poultry, Murgut Self Help Group

Note: The next day, a woman from a neighbouring village contacted ICRAF staff with need of technical assistance with poultry raising. They referred her to Richard, who spent the day with her teaching her about chick rearing. She bought 12 chicks from Richard to begin her poultry operation.

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