LUKE (2/2)

“ I keep an office here at home, where I have medicines for my cattle, and dairy meal for the cattle. I keep records about the cattle and their dairy yields ; on how many liters of milk each cow is producing each day. I also keep ledgers about how my dairy operation is evolving .

I have milk throughout the year, since one of my cows will deliver her calf soon, and one has just delivered. In town, I can get 60KSH per litre for milk, while the cooperative gives us 50KSH per litre. I can keep track of how yields have been improving since adding the dairy meal to the feed for my cattle.

You could see in the village, if you asked for milk, that I’m very famous. They say: “if you need milk, just go see Luke”. They know what we are doing here, and so many are coming for training too. I’m training my friends not just on cattle, but on growing the dairy feeds, to try horticulture, try poultry, to diversify their activities. I’m also practicing horticulture here. I’m planning to start poultry as well, once my cow has her calf. ”  -Luke, Lead Farmer Dairy for Marram Youth Group


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