24 Groups

We work with 24 different groups in the Nyando Delta Region of Western Kenya

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Asset-Based Facilitation

We take an Asset-Based, Community-Driven (ABCD) approach to our training and facilitation

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Personal to Collective

How are farmers driving economic change in their own contexts, as well as in local markets?

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The Big Idea

  1. Foster sustainable engagement of community members in their individual and collective development.
  2. Enhance uptake of climate change adaptation and mitigation practices and technologies in line with and responsive to local identities, interests and preferences (IIP).
  3. Promote engagement in agroforestry/agriculture as a business beyond mere subsistence farming.
  4. Support reliable production of high quality agricultural produce and tree products.


Get to Know ABCD

The Triple A Project operates based on Asset-Based Community-Driven (ABCD) Methodology. What is ABCD?